The Benefits and Uses of Spiny Amaranth (Mullukkeerai)!

Mullukkeerai kuppakeerai

Spiny amaranth, also known as Mullukkeerai, belongs to the amaranth family. Named for its spines, it grows naturally in various regions. It is also known as “Kuppaik keerai,” indicating its common presence even in waste lands. There are two varieties: green and red. All parts of the plant, including leaves and roots, are used medicinally.

Mullukkeerai stimulates appetite and relieves internal heat. It increases bodily heat and promotes urination. It is effective in treating stomach pain, urinary retention, dysentery, leucorrhea, water retention, abscesses, and swelling.

Culinary Uses

  • With Toor Dal: When cooked with toor dal (pigeon pea), it can be made into a delicious poriyal (stir-fry) or dal curry, which helps control diarrhea.
  • Masiyal: Cooked and mashed with sesame oil, it is beneficial for the body, strengthening the kidneys and promoting normal urination.
  • Mixed with Legumes: It can be cooked with green gram, horse gram, or chickpeas for added benefits.

Medicinal Uses

  1. For Urinary Retention:
    • Boil 100 grams each of leaves and roots with 800 ml of water until reduced to 100 ml. Filter and drink 30 ml thrice daily to relieve urinary retention.
  2. For Stomach Pain:
    • Mix 40 grams of Mullukkeerai root, 10 grams of carom seeds (Omam), and 2 grams of garlic. Take 10 grams of this mixture thrice daily to alleviate stomach pain.
  3. For Abscesses:
    • Mix the ash of Mullukkeerai roots with neem oil and apply as a poultice to help abscesses ripen and burst.
  4. For Internal Hemorrhoids:
    • Mix 3 grams each of Mullukkeerai root, pirandai root, aloe vera root, myrobalan (kadukkai), dry ginger (chukku), garlic, and pepper. Blend with buttermilk and drink in the afternoon to treat internal hemorrhoids.
  5. For Snake and Scorpion Bites:
    • Drink equal parts of the juice of Mullukkeerai and banana stem juice to neutralize snake venom.
    • For scorpion stings or snake bites, mix and drink 50 ml of Mullukkeerai leaf and root juice.
  6. For Leucorrhea and Urinary Retention:
    • Boil clean roots in water and drink on an empty stomach in the early morning to gradually cure leucorrhea and urinary retention.

Dr. P. Kumaraswami, Retired Government Siddha Doctor.


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